Place a drug addict rehabilitation is needed

Drugs is not good for human health, because the drugs contain substances that can damage human organs. Habit of getting drunk drinking alcohol and using drugs will make organs like heart, lungs, stomach, brain-damaged quickly make users addicted to drugs.

It is the basis of alcohol and drugs are prohibited for food. Almost all religions forbid the habit of getting drunk and using drugs. In the religion of Islam teaches that drunkenness is a grave sin which became the main source of evil. The person who is drunk will forget everything, even people who would be brave once timid because of the effects of drinking alcohol that he forgot that in the circumstances would trigger the occurrence of other crimes such as murder, rape, robbery, and so forth. People who get drunk will not forget the religious norms and norms in society. Routine drug treatment which is necessary for people who already addicted to alcohol

Drug effects are not good for users as well as the surrounding community. It need drug rehab and alcohol treatment center as a hub for the health dangers of drugs. This can be done by every level of society, social institutions, and government. This activity should be given serious attention to these social ills of society which does not spread to others. Prevention is better than cure so that the understanding of religion and the submission of correct information about the dangers of alcohol and drugs will be very important. Avoid drugs and we will live healthy.

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