Development of information technology in the 21st century

We can not deny anymore that technological advances usually carry a good result was due to the positive or negative. When one individual knows the correct function of the technology that he knew and he mastered the people will be able to master the technology and use it wisely and wise, but when an individual who has the temperament and personality are not good then he mastered the technology becomes a threat both for himself and even can lead to things that are not good for others.

Today more and more people are able to master information technology, information technology and even became something that must-have for those good citizens who are still teenagers and they are already adults. Life in the present requires us to further understand the progress of technology has changed rapidly. School children are now also expected to as early as possible are able to use computers properly.

When school children are accessing the Internet for free on the internet, maybe most of them not knowing what they need to know to be accessed or which they can not access. This is a mighty tough task for parents and teachers to supervise their children when they are browsing on the internet, because when we are accessing the website on the internet and type in keywords on search engines, it will be very easy to find a website address that will posted immediately in front of our eyes. because of something taboo even very easy to find on the internet and is very easy to access .. it is very easy and very risky for the mental development of our students!

As an example when we type in the word Blackjack Online Cas inos. This is an address that is a less good place for our students. Something less good for the mental development of children and adolescents is very easy to find just by typing a particular keyword in the search engines.

This is a challenge and a serious threat to the development of our young generation.

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