obat yang boleh dikonsumsi waktu hamil

Obat yang boleh selama hamil

1. Colds/Flu = Tylenol (aches & pain), Sudafed (Congestion-after 13 weeks), Robitussin (coughing), Cloraseptic/Cepacol lozenges (sore thorat).

2. Allergies = Benadryl

3. Constipation = Konsyl Easy Mix (stool softener & natural laxative), Milk of Magnesia (to make it go), Colace if (hard-lke little rocks, takes 2 a week to work)

4. Diarrhea = Kaopectate, BRAT diet - bananas, rice, applesauce, tea or toast

5. Nausea & Vomitting = Emetrol, over the counter syrupy stuff to settle stomach

6. Heartburn/Gas = Mylanta, maalox

7. Headaches = Tylenol (or extra trength), 2 tabs every 4 hrs. JANGAN minum ASPIRIN atau ADVIL.

8. Hemorrhoids = Konsyl East Mix - sehari satu, Preparation H or Anusol

9. Nose Bleeds or gum bleeding = Common in pregnancy

10. Leg cramp - especially in both legs = Oscal 500 or similar over the counter calcium, twice a day

11. Dental = See dentist, have x-rays with abdominal shield, Get “novocaine”, some antibiotics and some pain pills.

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