When Gambling vs technology

People say, now is the time of the screen, all easily done all in front of the screen. From entertainment to politics though. We are left armpit development with rapid virtual world today, we expect the mastering of technology, it is the hope but the reality is very far from the estimates.

Developing technologies that encourage us to do something that we did not previously know that there are positive aspects and negative aspects of the development of these technologies. If you see the benefits, the technology is growing rapidly encourage greater prosperity for its users and society in general. But in terms of negatives, the more rules are violated and the existence of new crimes that do not have legal rules.

Online cas ino for example, is increasingly a lot of these games are presented in the virtual world. You who love the game like that is like a breath of fresh air because of the easier to run without limited gambling place and time. however, if they were properly filtered? I think not, because the data can be manipulated, such as age and so on. So the most important is the supervision and security is well controlled and sustainable that can overcome the negative impacts of the development of information technology today.

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nova13 said…
x( aganist for gambling...!
AD1N said…
Kemajuan teknologi... ibarat pisau bermata dua... tergantung siapa pemakainya....